What is our offer addressed to?

Single-family houses

Small and medium-sizes companies

Large companies and production facilities

Bakery ovens

The two types of ovens used mainly in bakeries are: deck oven or rotary oven.

In the image alongside we see an example of a deck oven.

Installing a pellet burner in these machines means reducing operating costs by up to 60% and increasing the cooking quality, equal to wood, but with automatic and controlled combustion without wasting fuel.

Drying plants

A dryer is an equipment that eliminates the water content of a given product through the hot air generated.

Some products that are treated with this method are: food, wood, inorganic materials, minerals.

On the side we see an example of a grain dryer with a pellet burner.

Painting plants

The painting booths are mainly used in the automotive sector.

They are generally closed rooms used for the treatment of bodywork paint, by heating the air.

Here on the side we propose the installation of the burner in a painting booth

Steam generators

Steam generation is used in several sectors:

Food and drinks: for the sterilization and sanitization of packaging but also for some cooking processes.

Textile: used in washing, coloring, finishing and ironing machines.

Rubber, paper and cardboard industry in some stages of processing

Here you can see a pellet burner installed in a steam boiler

B-Max Technology

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