Pellet burner for bakery ovens

When the pellet burner replaces the old oil burner of a bread oven

We want to present you a practical case where the transition from diesel to pellets represented a significant saving for the customer.

Considering that diesel has a calorific value of about 9.7 kwh per liter while pellets have a calorific value of about 4.6 kwh per kg, we can say that 1 liter of diesel produces the same energy as 2 kg of pellets.

From the table we can understand that in one year the use of pellets allows baker to cut fuel energy costs by over 50%. In the specific case, the customer passes from an annual cost of diesel of € 14,976 to an annual cost of pellets of € 6,364. Practically every year, € 8,612 are saved by converting the pellet oven.


Oven power :  65.000 Kcal/h – 70 kW

Pellet burner installed :   B-One 100 kW

Daily baked bread :  60 Kg approx.


Fuel Daily fuel consumption   (6 hours a day) Monthly fuel consumption  (26 days month) Annual fuel consumption Fuel unit cost Total annual fuel cost
PELLET 68 kg 1.768 kg 21.216 kg 0,30 €/kg 6.364 €
OIL 40 liters 480 liters 12.480 l 1,20 €/l 14.976 €


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