Industrial power, ideal for water heating boilers, warm air generators, baking ovens and other industrial environments. Equipped with removable display unit.
High quality materials for long term performances.

Output: 300 kW

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Nature thanks

  • Heating with neutral CO2 emissions
  • Renewable energy which represents a safe investment for the future


Comfortable and safe

  • Automatic combustion system.
  • Automatic cleaning of the heating surfaces and of the burner
  • Remote assistance and system monitoring available



Investment payback in the short term

  • Operating costs reduced by up to 60% compared to diesel / gas systems
  • High efficiency thanks to the most modern combustion technology
  • Independent of trends in the market prices of fossil fuels
  • Allows you to convert your system into a biomass system with only the replacement of the burner and therefore a far lower cost than buying a new boiler
  • Quick return on investment


Burner for industrial heating. The compact dimensions make it easy to combine with different types of heating systems.

Designed with round combustion chamber, variable speed fan, internal auger for a more effective dosage, igniter and flame detection photocell.

For a more complete and reliable cleaning it is also possible to connect the device to an air compressor.

The burners is managed  by a microprocessor control panel mounted on the appliance.


Safety thermostat which interrupts the burner operation in case of temperature outside the combustion camera of the device higher than 70 ° C.

The self-extinguishing flexible hose avoids the thermal connection between the burner and the fuel storage

External auger fan protects against any extraordinary smoke returns.

Two-stage pellet loading using an external auger that loads the fuel from the tank to the burner and an internal auger that conveys everything inside the combustion chamber.

Security system that locks and signals the system in lockout during any alarm situation

Automatic start after power failure thanks to the memory of recent settings

Smart management of the heating system via smartphone and app.

All basic operating parameters and functions are remotely manageable, for constant control wherever you are.

Technical details

Model B-Three
Thermal capacity Max kW 350
Min kW 35
Consumption Max Kg/h 70
Min Kg/h 7
Power supply V/Hz 230/50
Avarage consumption W 150
Start-up W 170
Noise Level dB 60
Weight Kg 140

* consumption calculated with certified wood pellets UNI EN 14961-2 con P.C.I. 5,2 kW/kg

model A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F Ø mm G mm H mm I mm L mm M mm N mm O Ø mm P mm Q mm R mm
B-THREE 39 375 102 504 650 26,5 80 500 585 725 30 1310 382 450 420 190

model A mm B Ø mm C mm D mm E Ø mm F mm G Ø mm H mm Weight kg
B-Three 2338 140 1735 463 80 170 80 245 19