EBH 50-100

Hot air generators . Ideal for heating both civil and industrial complexes. High quality materials for long term performances.

Output: 50-100 kW

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  • Product designed to protect the environment by reducing energy waste


  • the automatic functioning system guarantees comfort and an optimized consumption management


  • High quality materials ensure long term performances


  • the quality of the materials used together with the automatic operating system guarantee lower costs and maximum energy efficiency


  • pellet tanks available in different capacities


  • user friendly display and smart phone app makes it easy for you to control your device anytime, anywhere


Hot air generators are developed to meet the heating needs of multiple types of environment.

They are suitable for heating of industrial sheds, greenhouses, farms, sports facilities or where there is a risk of frost, thanks to the direct distribution of the air.

Ease of installation and maintenance combined with top quality construction materials contribute to cost optimization and to ensuring high reliability over time.

Thanks to the modulation and switch-off system, the burner operation varies according to the heat requirement, allowing to considerably reduce consumption by eliminating waste.

1. Air discharge heads with regulating fins

2. Heat Exchangers

3. Flame control glass

4. Burner mounting flange

5. Combustion chamber

6. Electrical control panel

7. Double suction centrifugal fan

8. Filter with protection net

9. Filter box

10. Suction grill

Smart management of the heating system via smartphone and app.

All basic operating parameters and functions are remotely manageable, for constant control wherever you are.

Installation options

The range of hot air generators offers solutions for every requirement. The generators are available for indoor or outdoor installation, direct diffusion or through channels, with innovative burners capable of handling wood pellets and other types of biom

Indoor installations

Direct throw with Plenum for air discharge with movable revolving heads


Ducted installation with multiples hot air outlets


Outdoor installations

External installation with direct throw

External installation with ducted throw with multiples hot air outlets