Why a pellet burner?

Adapt the burner according to your needs

B-max Technology products are designed for the combustion of pellets and other types of biomass.

The installation of the pellet burner allows a significant reduction in operating costs. If it is applied in a previously operating oil or LPG system, costs can be reduced by 50%. In solid fuel systems, we get their full automation and ease of use.

Our devices can be installed in boilers, hot air generators, ovens, dryers and many other systems that operate with a fossil fuel burner without the need for expensive modifications to the current system.

Our customers have found that by switching to a B-max Technology burner they have significantly reduced heating costs.

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  • There are several aspects to consider when choosing the device.
  • The most important information relates to the brand, power and model of the system you want to convert.
  • The data on the monthly, annual or seasonal consumption of the fuel currently used is also useful.

  • If it is certified wood pellets, or other alternative biomass (olive stone, hazelnut shells, peach kernel or other)

  • Another important detail is the construction: a closed combustion chamber is required, which allows the accumulation of combustion residues (ashes). Sufficient space is also needed to allow access to the burner and exchanger so they can be cleaned.

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